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First ever Manchester Meet weekend is hailed a great success

The first Manchester Meet to be held on a Saturday and Sunday has been hailed a great success – with people looking forward to the second one in July.

The event, held at The Wrestling Factory, Manchester, aka Pippa’s, was held over the weekend of Saturday 25 and Sunday 26.

A total of 20 people took part in the first weekend in the history of Manchester Meets, including the recent ones hosted by Fight Finder’s Imtiaz Ali.

The first day, in which 13 people took part, featured pro-wrestlers, submission and BJJ guys.

The second day, involving 7 people, featured submission and pro-wrestlers. Wrestler beverleyboi was attending his first meeting and he said: “Hi Imtiaz. I attended Pippa’s last weekend. It was my first time at a group meet and had to say I loved it. I just wanted to say thank you for arranging it and hope I can come to some more. I was paying attention to you training with that guy- very impressed.

“That is what I could do with - to work out slowly what works and best way to apply things. I am still a beginner, but absolutely love it. Maybe we could have a wrestle in the future? Once again thank you."

Other people’s comments here

Photo’ed Robert England on top of SW Mike.

Paid tribute to John1953 here by certificate. Thanks latestarter.

The next meeting is on Saturday 27th July 2pm - 6pm, and the next day, Sunday 28th of July. Wrestle4afee, helped by Fight Finder have their first wrestling show. Link to the pool for the wrestlers: Link to the pool for the tickets:

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