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Established in December 2017
Aim to Entertain

Originally founded as Fight Finder in December 2017, by Imtiaz Ali, co-founder and owner. FFE bings together younger and older wrestlers at Manchester Meets. People travel from all over the UK and internationally to our meets which are social, sporting and fetish events. The fighting community is large, international and has thousands of members using social media websites. You’re welcome to join, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

2018 - FFE have collaborated with wrestling companies on our Pivotshare channel Fight Finder+ (now called FFE+).

2019 - Started to do custom matches internationally. 


2020 - FFE co-started personals site to meet people in your location area - - also, hosted first London Meet with tested negative.


2021 - Rebranded as FFE - Fight Finder Entertainment, and started a mental health service "FFE Chat Room". (If you would like to join, contact us.)

2022 - Rebranded as FFE Wrestling.


FFE wants to encourage more people with an interest in wrestling to get together whatever their age and ability. Some people might remember the meets hosted by the Eagle bars. Our FFE events are similar and are organised to provide a meeting place where like-minded people can feel comfortable with each other.


FFE - Fight Finder Entertainment is not just about selling videos. FFE are here to support and promote different forms of fighting as a sporting, fetish and social pursuit.

To date we have 500+ videos. The video and custom video sales help subsidise the events. We hope you enjoy the videos and support the meets advertised.

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