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International wrestlers help to push Manchester Meet numbers to record level

(Participants, who wanted to be photoed.) A record 40 people attended the latest Manchester Meet which was also an international event.

The recently-held Meet was not only the most popular since they began, but will also be one of the last to be held at The Wrestling Factory, Manchester, aka Pippa’s, as it considers its options for the future.

Wrestlers came from the USA, Germany, Spain and Scotland as well as various parts of England to make this Meet one of the most memorable since the first one in 2018.

As people wrestled, Mike SW took photos and drew the participants.

Imtiaz Ali, Proprietor of Fight Finder and promoter of Fight Finder Manchester Meets at Pippa’s said: “The last Meet was a huge success and shows how word has got round about our events. We will keep everyone informed about future Meets and any change in venue.”

The next Manchester Meet will be held at Pippa’s between 1pm and 6pm on Saturday 30th May, 2020.

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