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First Meet back since Covid

12 people on Saturday.

5 people on Sunday for training.

First meet back since Covid. First meeting in Pippa's new place. It is bigger and on the ground floor.

Everyone said they were glad to be back. All the local guys came back from the previous meets. FFE wrestler, Bo Bearly was there too - trained pro-wrestler. The others were a mix of pro-wrestlers and submission wrestlers. Hugo, Robert England and Ripper Roger were there too from FFE.

Sunday was the first ever pro-wrestling training. It was all done safe and sane, by Bo Bearly. We worked out how to enter the ring correctly, how to start up and act, how to take bumps in the ring, and how to follow through with all that. Ended with a warm down and a Little show between Bo Bearly and Hunter.

Dates, 25 Saturday, September for the meet. 1pm - 6pm

26 Sunday, September for the training. 1pm - 5pm

Next one is -

Saturday 27th November, 1pm - 6pm, Manchester Meet

Sunday 28th November, 12 noon - 3pm, FFE Training.

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