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Introducing Icebreaker, loves wrestling, the feeling, the domination and the joy of putting his opponent down after a long sweaty match.

The king of chloroform matches. He enjoys nothing more than finishing off a match by smothering his opponent with a rag soaked in chloroform to put him down! Just when you think you’ve won he will grab that rag, sometimes hidden on him, and use it against his opponent for the win. He may be a jobber at heart, but he put plenty of guys down when they thought it was all over! 

His favourite gear is thongs, and he'll wear them even under his suit. But be careful, as he likes to use them against his opponent as they are perfect for face sitting and for extreme wedgies.

Icebreaker is versatile in his wrestling, his favourite style being submission, mixed with role-play, however can adapt to scenarios, particularly those with a superhero theme (if that is your thing!). Enjoys sleepers, torture racks and like to punish his victims.




6'2" (1.88), 17 st, 240 lbs (109 kg)



Available for filming.

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