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Robert England

Introduction: Robert England has been wrestling since 2005. He enjoys it all as safe and sane fun. He's a experienced submission wrestler and teacher for novices, but also plays his hand at pro-wrestling. He has a matted room, or can get to The Wrestling Factory in Manchester. 

Location: Barnsley, England

Age: 53

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 11 stn (160 lbs, 72 kg), BMI:​ 22.2

Gear: speedos, singlets, socks, boots, thongs and jocks. 

Style: submission wrestling and pro-wrestling.

Match structure: even match, give and take, play wrestling, tag team / group fights and practicing techniques.

Specific wrestling style: pool wrestling.

Miscellaneous interests: have access to mats and friendship.

Available for filming.

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